Investing With Hoxton Capital Management Hoxton Capital Management offers financial support across three stages:

Wealth Protection

Protecting your current assets is the first stage of any financial advice.

At Hoxton Capital Management we help navigate through the products to find the most suitable provider and type of cover to aim to ensure you and your family are covered should the worst happen. We work with leading providers in the market place to deliver the most suitable insurance products for your individual needs and circumstances.

We have an in-house trained legal team to coordinate these vital legal documents to aim to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you would want them.

Taxation, regulation and legal differences between countries makes it difficult to keep money in certain jurisdictions. Offshore bank accounts help negate these inconsistencies, providing you with the solutions needed for peace of mind.

Looking at your existing portfolio and aiming to ensure that your assets are protected when abroad is vital to any success story.

Wealth Creation

Securing your future

Decisions you make today can completely change your financial future. At Hoxton Capital Management we help you plan effectively for longer-term goals and a prosperous retirement.

We offer pension creation and encourage pension contributions as well as key life-stage savings creation plans for education or property purchases.

We ensure you get the best possible rates on money transfers to your home countries via FX Solutions.

We help to optimise your investments and return on investment through partnerships with fund managers.

Wealth Preservation

Preservation for future generations
At Hoxton Capital Management we care about preserving your wealth for those you love most; your family and the generations that follow.

There are many factors that can affect investment performance so we provide regular reviews aim to ensure you are kept up-to-date with how your investments are tracking. We provide recommendations in cases where investments are performing poorly and steps to safeguard any existing and strong performing assets.

We help you ensure that fees are kept to a minimum, aiming to ensure that you earn the maximum gain possible. We also help you navigate around complex issues such as inheritance tax planning to aim to ensure that your family benefit the most should the worst happen. 

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